What Say You?

April 23, 2017

People have a lot to say about Jesus. Some say He’s a prophet. Others call Him a liar. But who do you say He is? According to Scripture, there are plenty of wrong answers… but only one that’s right. How you respond is the only thing that will matter to you in 100 years. Because if Jesus really is the answer to everything, it means Christ is exactly who He claimed to be… and He’s coming back again!

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How to Destroy Your Life and Those You Love, Part 2

April 16, 2017

Scripture is filled with good news… but it’s also packed with warnings. When God’s Word shows you how certain actions and attitudes can destroy your life, it pays to listen. Learn from one of Israel’s worst kings about how to get to a bad place quickly, and recognize the difference between false religion and Christianity. Because if living for yourself isn’t satisfying in a sustained way, it’s time to let go of yourself and let God be king.

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How to Destroy Your Life and Those You Love, Part 1

April 9, 2017

All sin is the same because it breaks God’s Law… but some sins have greater consequences. According to God’s Word, there are patterns of living that will shred everything that matters to you. Many Old Testament kings lived and died with the fallout of rebelling against God. Both in trials and in consequences… if you follow their 3-step pattern, you’re setting sail for failure. Instead, learn from their example, heed their warning, and let God be your King.

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How Kings Fail: Refusing Wise Counsel

March 26, 2017

In a culture where “kinging” yourself is the norm, wise counsel is seen as an attack on personal autonomy. But how many times have you said or done something foolish that felt good, but quickly made your life worse? In the book of 1 Kings, we see that when wise counsel is refused, our lives go downhill fast. Let God’s Word show you how to find wise counsel, why we refuse it, and how to get back under it.

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When Kings Fail: Compromise

March 19, 2017

Maybe it’s family. Maybe it’s integrity. Maybe it’s morality. Somewhere, we all make personal compromises. But in a world so accepting of grey morality, what does God have to say? In this message (taken from the life of King Josiah), learn about the dangers of compromising and how God responds. Killing sinful compromises and chasing after Christ is not an easy play. But today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart.

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The Foundation of Quality Discipleship

March 12, 2017

Christ has given the church a command: go and make disciples. But while every believer should want to get more people into church, discipleship is about far more than numbers. When the quantity of disciples becomes more important than the quality of discipleship, we slam the brakes on spiritual maturity. The apostle Paul had a lot to say about discipleship and why we need to grow. So dig into God’s Word and learn the why and how of quality growth.

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Q+A with Pastor James and Kathy

February 26, 2017

How frequently do you lie awake at night with a burning question about God? Do you wonder if you’re really saved? Is it hard to understand what God’s Will is for your life? These are common issues facing believers. Join Pastor James and Kathy as they dive headfirst into these questions and show how God’s Word brings clarity to some of the most confusing spiritual topics Christians face.

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How We Forfeit Holy Spirit Filling and How to Get it Back

February 19, 2017

To live the Christian life without the filling of the Holy Spirit is absolutely impossible. Here’s the good news: Scripture promises the Spirit as God’s down payment for everything to come. He fills all believers after conversion. But who is the Holy Spirit, and how does the Bible describe Him? What does He do? Get into God’s Word and discover 4 biblical pictures of the Spirit and the way He works.

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Biblical Evidences of the Holy Spirit

February 13, 2017

God doesn’t want you to live in fear and uncertainty. He wants you to be sure of your salvation. That’s why He sent the Holy Spirit to guide and convict us. But when we quench and grieve the Holy Spirit with selfish actions and attitudes… we block His power to work. Instead of forfeiting what the Spirit offers, learn how to be filled with the Holy Spirit and have confidence through Him.

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Non-Evidences of the Holy Spirit

February 6, 2017

There are some things that keep us from the Holy Spirit. Burdens. Worries. Doubts. Sin. But whatever might be keeping you away is the very thing God wants you to lay down. Because when we approach God and ask to be filled with His Spirit, we have some guarantees. So learn how to put aside 4 unbiblical assumptions of the Spirit and discover 5 Scriptural evidences of how the Holy Spirit can work in your life. 

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