Recently Preached: Bigger Than My Religion

June 25, 2017

With Pastor James away on his summer study break, we’ve chosen to share some of our favorite messages from the Gospel of John. We hope you enjoy these summer staff picks!

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Breakthrough Prayer in a Crisis

June 18, 2017

In times of crisis, some prayers change everything. You might not see it now, but eventually we all get thrown something we can’t handle. When you’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, don’t go hunting for the quick fix. Instead, learn how to get to God in a crisis and keep your eyes on Him. When you do, you’ll experience the power of breakthrough prayer.

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Breakthrough Prayer Starters

June 11, 2017

If your prayers have grown cold, get ready to light them up again… because what accelerant is to a fire, biblical starters are to your prayer life. If you grab hold of what God’s Word says, it will put a fresh flame of passion, faith, and fervency under you. The time for half-hearted praying is over. Pour on the accelerant and start your journey back to breakthrough prayer.

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How to Be Strong in the Lord, Part 2

June 4, 2017

If you want to stand up under the weight of the world and experience strength that only God offers: listen up! Dive into Acts 16 and learn from Paul how to be strong in the Lord, even when your circumstances are hard. If you’re struggling with strength, it’s time to throw aside all non-essentials and get back to God’s call on your life. Because when you experience God’s strength over your own, you’ll never want to go back.

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